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   A Special Issue on Asian Economy in the 21st Century
      Human society is on the eve of the 21st century. How will the instability of the
    present international political situation affect the world economy? In particular, the
  economic boom of Asia in the past decade of the '90s was hailed as the Asian Miracle.
     However, the Sudden downturn - monetary and economic crisis from the summer of 1997 -
      not only brought an abrupt halt to economic growth in Asia, but around the world.
         Can the Asian economy recover in the 21st century? Can the Asian nations-Japan,
    China and Southeast Asia, escape the current economic depression? What role will the
    Asian economy play in the 21st century?
         These are the questions that are the focus of attention worldwide.
      With the timely topic of "The Asian Economy in the 21st Century" as its? theme,
   along with its aim of being an information resource of the latest news from Asia to
    the world at large on Science and Technology, INFORMATION is publishing this "Special
     Edition on Economics."
    1. The Asian Financial Crisis and Chinese Currency                       Fengqi Cao
    2. From the Crisis to the Recovery : An Analysis of the Asian Crisis     Hiroshi Ohnishi
    3. Hong Kong's Economy and Trade in the 2 Ist Century                    Paul S. W. Leung
    4. Japanese Economy and Its Role in Asia                                 Masaaki Kanno
    5. The Reform and Prospect of Chinese National Economic Accounts         Xianchun Xu
    6. Moneyflow Analysis under the Changing Financial System in Japan       Hiroshi Matsuura
    7. Cultural Innovation and Competitiveness Development                   Yanyun Zhao
    8. About Developing and Strengthening Synthetic Power and the Mutual Movements
      to "Soft and Hard Power"                                               Runchang Xi and On Sugaya
    9. An International Balance of Payments and the Flow of Funds in China   Nan Zhang
   10.An International Comparison of Productivity Level Between China and Japan
                                                                             Hiroshi lzumi and Jie Li

     Vol.2, No.4, October 1999

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