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4 Issues per Volume **** ISSN:1343-4500 **** e-ISSN 1344-8994
PRINT - JPY18000 / USD180 (Individuals), JPY36000 / USD360 (Institutions/Libraries)
ONLINE - JPY15000 / USD150 (Individuals), JPY30000 / USD300 (Institutions/Libraries)

To order please contact


According to the essential points for preparing papers, the language of manuscripts can be one of English, Chinese and Japanese. Only original papers (not published or not simultaneously submitted to another journal) will be considered for publication. Copyright for published papers should be transfered to the journal. For electronic contribution, the LaTex source files, MSWord or PS files are welcomed.

Please e-mail the manuscripts to

For postmail contribution, three copies of the manuscript should be airmailed to

Prof. Lei Li
Faculty of Engineering
Hosei University
Koganei, Tokyo, 184-8584, Japan

Manuscripts must include

  1. the title, author's name(s), affiliation, abstract, and a list of keywords in English, and the title, author's name(s), affiliation, and abstract in Chinese or Japanese if the manuscripts in Chinese or Japanese
  2. the body of the manuscripts
  3. references
  4. a brief curriculum vitae for each author

Submission letters must include the correspondent author's name, e-mail and street address, field of the manuscript.

Page Charges and Offprints

To cover a part of print cost, all authors in Japan are invited to buy at least 50 offprints of their papers, and all overseas authors are invited to pay a page charge. In some cases, it is possible, to discount or exempt from the page charge when International Information Institute approves. The offprints charge includes basic charge with 50 offprints and additional charge for more than 50 offprints.

Offprints Charge = (Page Numbers * JPY 6000) (Basic Charge) + (Copy Numbers - 50) * JPY 200 (Additional Charge)

where, the page numbers will be counted as the least even number more than real page numbers in the journal. It is desirable to please order offprints with times of 50. For example, to order 100 offprints with 7 pages paper, the charge becomes

(8 * JPY 6000) + (100 - 50) * JPY 200 = JPY 58000.

For more information, please send a message to

Essential Points for Preparing Papers

  1. Manuscripts are required to be written in frame of length 23.5cm, width 16.5cm in white paper of A4 size. Manuscripts in LaTex are welcomed, style files for which are available on the home page of the journal.
  2. The first page includes the title, author's name(s) and affiliation, an abstract (maximum length 100 words) and a list of keywords in English.
  3. Successively, for making manuscripts in Chinese or Japanese, the title, author's name(s), affiliation and an abstract (maximum length 100 words) in Chinese or Japanese are needed.
  4. The paper should be reasonably divided into section 1., 2., 3., ..., and if necessary sub- sections, 1.1, 1.2, ....
  5. Serial number of formula will be placed on the right of line with style (Section's number. Serial number in the section).
  6. Figures and Tables should directly be written or puted into manuscript. Actual expenses will be charged for carrying color photos.
  7. References should be placed at the end of the paper in numerical order. The entries in the reference list should be presented in the following forms, depending on the type of reference:
    Journal Article
    [1]Author(s), title of the paper, the journal's name, 1:2(1998), 35-42.
    [2]Author(s), the book's name, publishing company, place of publication and year of publication.
  8. Use *, ** etc. to annotate in every page of the manuscript. Draw a horizontal line at the bottom of page, and then describe the contents.
  9. Including author's name, contact address, photograph of the face, a brief career should be placed at end of the manuscript. But the photograph of the face will be demanded after manuscript is accepted. So please leave a space in the left in advance for put the photo.
  10. Serial number of page should be entered over the right in pencil.

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